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The Abstracts of Media and Democracy Symposium

Final program of Media and Democracy Symposium

                      The Symposium is sponsored by The Cyprus Ministry of Tourism  


Call for Papers
Media and Democracy Symposium 
Pissouri Village, Cyprus, 
7 - 8 December 2019

The Symposium aims is to promote the debate on the effective participation of the citizen in the democratic system of government, which involves the citizens informing about social, political, economic, religion, cultural and environmental events. Nowadays we observe in the private and public life both the dominance of traditional and new media, which in some cases construct contradictory information, especially regarding the political life of the country. This Symposium aims is to analyze the Media and Democracy from different points of view, which could be summarized in the following topics:

  • The importance of new media and the momentum that they have acquired,
  • The role of social networks in democracy.
  • Media Representations of Brexit.
  • “New” and “Old” media in the democracy countries.
  • Fake news and democracy.
  • The ideology and propaganda role.
  • Citizen Mobilization and Political Activism in the Local, National or European Parliament Elections.
  • Nationalist Movements to the Media industries.

Regarding the abstract submission, All proposals should be sent in English, in .doc or pdf format, through the form of the https://symposium2019mediademocracy.blogspot.com

Abstract Submission 

Proposals should include:

1   Contact Info
2   Title, keywords and abstract (250-300 words). 
The abstract should present the aim/objectives of the work, the methodological approach, the results,and the conclusion. Proposals should focus on the topics indicated above.
3   A short biographical statement.
Language of the Symposium: English.

The Scientific Committee of the Symposium will announce in advance which proposals have been accepted for presentation at the Symposium. 

Deadline & Dates: 

•  15 September 2019 – Deadline to submit abstracts
•  29 September 2019 – Notification of accepted proposals 
•  17 November 2019 – Deadline for full paper submission

•  1 December 2019   Presentation submission (.ppt)
•  7 - 8 December 2019 –  Symposium
•  31 December 2019 –  Final Paper for publication 

The registration fee is €80, (one presenter), €90 (two presenters), €100 (three presenters) covering access to all sessions, coffee break, 2 lunch, official dinner and conference material.
Because some people travel together only to attend the Conference we clarify that the conference attending fees is only 40 euro per person. (covering, coffee break, 2 lunch, official dinner and conference material).

This symposium is organized by Cyprus University of Technology, Pissouri Council and Pissouri Repatriated Association and is sponsored generously by The Cyprus Ministry of Tourism.

A formal application email should be sent to euripides.antoniades@cut.ac.cy